2014. november 13., csütörtök


I'm falling, like rain from heaven.
I'm falling for you.
Diving into the unpredictable, craving the unknown.
Dangerous, yet it feels like home.
Playing with fire, knowing I'll get burnt.
Giving you my heart, knowing I'll get hurt.
I don't know you, but I know your soul.
When I look in your eyes, I find my own.
I've fallen, there's no turning back.
Fallen as deep as one can.
You made me feel again.
Everything I once knew, you've proven wrong.
I've fallen for you my love, I've fallen hard..

2014. október 30., csütörtök

Look At Me..

Look at me..look what I'm doing.
Here I am, feeling as crazy as ever.
Chasing something that I already found.
I want it to be real, tangible.
I wanna feel you, breathe you, touch you, kiss you.
I want you to get under my skin and never leave.

Look at me..
Here I am chasing my happiness.
The happiness I want, but I only want it with you.
Nobody else would make my heart beat like you do.

Look at me..
Here I am chasing my future, the future I planned with you.
I want you to scream, I want you to come for me and say
you don't want to see me with anybody else, but you.

Look at me..
Searching, but never finding.
Finding, but never wanting.
Wanting, but never loving.
I searched everywhere for the answer and I found you.
The answer is you.
Until you're in my heart, I can't love someone new.
Until I breathe your love, I can't want someone else's to be true.

2014. szeptember 15., hétfő

Kisses In The Moonlight [Spoken Word Poetry] (with video)

Akasha "Kisses In The Moonlight" Spoken Word Poem . CHECK IT OUT!!!


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"Kisses In The Moonlight"

Is this reality?
Is this really true or am I dreaming?
After all these years of not seeing you, I still can't believe
you stood in front of me with your arms open wide, with your eyes
gazing into mine.

That day was magical. Not only did I sing in the moonlight but the moon was the largest
and the brightest that night.
Some things can not be explained or understood but every moment has such significance,
such meaning.

Kissing you felt like heaven.
The passion was overflowing the same way as it did back then.
I wanted to let you know that not a day went by without me thinking of you and what
used to be. But...I have to be real.

You're just another who will never be mine.
You're with her and she waits for you.
Even though you'll watch me walk away, just know that you'll always be in my heart and there you will stay.

2014. augusztus 1., péntek

Still Here

You're the one I can't escape.
Without your heart, mine will break.
I know I sold my soul to you.

Without your smile all I do is cry.
Without your kiss my lips run dry.
Even though you're not next to me I feel...

You're still here.
You're still here.

The darkness comes, I hear your voice.
When I lay in my bed, I feel your touch.
Even though you're not holding me I feel...

You're still here.
You're still here.

No matter where I turn, your eyes are all I see.
No matter who I'm with, your love is haunting me.
Even though you're not next to me I feel...

You're still here.
You're still here.

You're still here.
You're still here.