2015. január 29., csütörtök

Really Gone

I don't know where I am.
I can't remember days.
They pass before I wake.
My mind has been invaded by your face.
My heart has been racing, saving you a secret place.

I'm really gone..
I can't think anymore.
I've lost all control.
I can't stand. Energy is leaving me.

Come over here! Lay with me.
Lock me in your arms. I want to feel safe.
I don't want any space between us.
Let me look into your eyes and I hope this beautiful
sight will be enough for me to fall asleep tonight.

2015. január 15., csütörtök

3 am

It's 3 am and all I can do is think about you.
Do you?
Do I run across your mind before you close your eyes?
I wonder how many times..
I want to hear those sweet words, because they make me smile.
Remember when we could hardly say goodbye?
I miss those nights.

All I have is a picture of you that I hold on to, but deep down
I wish I was holding you.
Touching your hand, laying next to you.
You're the missing half of me.
You're all I need to feel complete.

2015. január 8., csütörtök


I've lost count of how many times I told myself that I don't ever want to feel like this.
Now I taste these tears as my heart bleeds.
I place my body on these cold sheets, praying hard to quickly fall asleep.

Where are you? Are you near?
I don't see or feel you here.
This distance is poison that kills.
My heart screams, but you don't hear. I hate it here!
I want to be close to you, wrapped up in you.
Take me where you are because I'm afraid of the dark.
Hold my hand and lead the way.
Paradise is where I want us to stay!

2015. január 1., csütörtök

Ice Cold

I woke up to the awful sound of the alarm!

As I climbed out of bed, I felt such emptiness, pain in my chest
and an unbearable ache in my head.
It was so cold. Ice cold. I nearly froze.

He wasn't here...

I kept wishing for each day to end and hoped he would appear by the next.
Days felt like weeks. Something was missing. I missed him.

I did something unusual. Something that is so not like me:
I went to sleep early to escape reality.
I wanted to see him in my dreams to be free.
Free of fear and insecurity.

Weaving his web across my mind all the way down to my heart....
It's done. I won't run. I don't think I would have the courage to try.

2014. december 18., csütörtök

Born To Learn

You got to lie to learn how to be honest.
You got to cheat to learn how to be faithful.
You got to fall to learn how to rise.
You got to have your heart broken to learn how to love.
You got to hate to learn how to forgive.
You got to lose everything to appreciate what you had.
You got to walk before you run, think before you speak, listen before you leave.
When you learned all you can about yourself and know who you really are,
You know everything!

2014. december 11., csütörtök


Lately, I've been feeling crazy.
I don't know what it is, but you've captured me.
I can't stop thinking about you.
Maybe I don't even want to..
But..these thoughts are just killing me.
I want your lips on mine.
I want to look in your eyes.
I want to be as close as I can get to you.
I want all of you!

Haunt me and never let go.
I wonder if you know..or is it still my little secret?
Is it still buried deep within my soul never to be revealed?
Either way, my heart is open, but my lips are sealed!

2014. december 4., csütörtök

Danger Ahead

I know you feel it.
I know you see it.
See the danger that lies ahead.
Knowing you'll open your heart and lose your head.

I must admit, I am scared.
Scared of falling too fast.
Opening my heart that has many scars, but 
what good is love if it doesn't burn?
I want to see the flames!
Maybe I will never learn, but for you I'd risk it all.
I would want nothing but your heart in return.