2014. július 18., péntek

Kisses In The Moonlight

Is this reality?
Is this really true or am I dreaming?
After all these years of not seeing you, I still can't believe
you stood in front of me with your arms open wide, with your eyes
gazing into mine. 

That day was magical. Not only did I sing in the moonlight but the moon was the largest
and the brightest that night. 
Some things can not be explained or understood but every moment has such significance,
such meaning.

Kissing you felt like heaven.
The passion was overflowing the same way as it did back then.
I wanted to let you know that not a day went by without me thinking of you and what 
used to be. But...I have to be real.

You're just another who will never be mine. 
You're with her and she waits for you.
Even though you'll watch me walk away, just know that you'll always be in my heart
and there you will stay.

2014. július 11., péntek

His eyes...

I've never seen anything like it.
I've never seen anything so beautiful.
I've never seen anything so pure.
His eyes...those brown eyes..
The eyes that never lie. 
Then why do his words? What does he have to hide?


He knows his eyes cannot hide from mine.
I see his soul every time.
It's like a mirror, the window to his heart.
Full of hidden secrets buried within them, like a work of art.

In his eyes I see what I need to see.
When his eyes meet mine, I feel what I need to feel.
Sometimes his eyes smile, sometimes they cry but no matter
what his mouth says, I know the truth.
I know how he really feels about me because 
eyes never lie...

2014. július 3., csütörtök


Is this how it's going to be?
Will you leave me forever to bleed until these thornes 
suffocate and pierce my heart and I can't breathe no more?
Do you know what you do to me?
Do you know how your absence makes me feel?
My heart burns and you don't care.
I cry my eyes out but you're not there.
I try to reach for your hand but you keep slipping.
Slipping further and further away.
I can't take this pain.
These memories got me going insane.
The silence kills me. All I can hear is your voice
in my head, your heartbeat.
The loss of you makes me weak up to the point where 
I can't think or speak.
Guess this is my destiny..
I will always want you and you will never want me.
I will always love you but you will never love me.
My heart will always beat for you and yours will beat
for someone new...

2014. június 30., hétfő

Digging into myself..

Digging deep into myself to see what I find...
all I feel is emptiness, trying to stay strong
but weakness always wins, the weakness 
of always having to stay strong.
I keep crying out that I don't belong here. 
I keep searching for the purpose of my 
existence. My heart has been tortured so
many times. I have been living a lie and I
still manage to find peace. There is a force 
deep within me, there's a voice that tells me
never to give up. If I gave up, I might as well
lay down and die.

I have only one best friend. One thing that will
never leave me no matter where or who I am
and that's music. Music is the reason I am still
here. It's the reason I haven't given up yet. I owe
everything I am to you.